The Heart of Carolina Jazz Society and Orchestra, a non-profit organization I started in 1990 when I was the Visiting Artist at CCCC, has set our next season of fine jazz concerts and outreach programs in Sanford and we hope you can participate in them through your attendance and/or support. They are listed below and at our website However, the main reason for this letter is that our Jazz Society is now searching for new board members and new corporate sponsors.

We are seeking citizens who have an interest in jazz and can help us grow into the number one jazz presenting organization in the State. There are not many other organizations in North Carolina that specialize in jazz. Part of the reason why we have survived and successfully presented fine programs and international guest artists for eighteen years is because we are located in a great town, one that has fine performance spaces such as the Temple Theatre, Civic Center, Depot Park and the Lee Community Arts Center.

But we have done many other things to help grow our audience. We have annually given free outreach presentations at Get Smart, the Boys and Girls Club, the Lee County Public Schools, and for many other community groups. This year we instituted a jazz apprentice program and we currently have a sophomore from Lee County High School and a senior from Southern Lee High School apprenticing with our orchestra. We have much more we want to do; we want to build the jazz apprenticeship pro-gram, we want to increase jazz presentations throughout the community, we want to keep our ever improving jazz orchestra on the rise, and we want to bring exceptional talent to our area.
Please contact me at if you are interested in becoming a board member, corporate sponsor, or if you have any questions.

Sincerely, Gregg Gelb
Director of the Heart of Carolina Jazz Society