The Heart of Carolina Jazz Orchestra, directed by Gregg Gelb, and  featuring guest artists Nelson Delgado, Ramon Ortiz, Pako Santiago, and Guillo Carias performed a Latin Jazz Big Band concert at the Temple Theatre in Sanford, NC on Nov. 6th.  This excellent video presentation was made by Rodrigo Dorfmann and it shows highlights from the concert, including the musical arrangement that is a tribute to Tito Puente, “King of the Timbales.”

Preceding the concert, Gregg and the Jazz Orchestra held numerous events in the surrounding region to build up interest and support for the concert.  Please visit our Outreach page to see the details.  The video, concert and outreach activities were made possible by a grant from the NC State Arts Council and support from contributions.

Also, More of the concert was videotaped and reported on by ONDA CAROLINA